Hello there and please accept a warm welcome to my shop! My name is Paola and I’ve been making art my whole life. I love creating colorful & intricate worlds with my imagination. My biggest inspirations are colors, nature, animals and mythical creatures, so they frequently make appearances in my work.

During my studies in Art and Mathematics, I learned that if I had multiple passions, I should allow myself to explore them. As a full-time entrepreneur, I became an illustrator, painter, graphic designer and, most recently, leatherworker.

In late 2019, I discovered a new passion for leather work and created a wide range of pieces, from wallets, to journals, and more. I found leather to be an incredible medium for me to work with and express my creativity. I never imagined that in such a short time after opening my shop, I would be so fortunate to create a vast collection of leather pieces that my customers can love and keep in their families forever.

More recently, to combine all my passions in one place, I’ve started expanding my shop beyond leather goods with clothing & accessories that I draw, design and paint digitally. So whether you want me to craft the leather journal of your dreams or you want to shop from one of my clothing designs to suit your style, rest assured that everything you find in my shop is something you will not find anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy your time in my shop and I look forward to bringing a little magic to your life with my art.

Paola F. Rey